Getting The Best Deal On Car Hire In Spain

spain5Many travellers to Spain use a Car Hire Search website to find the cheapest prices and to compare cars types for their transportation, as the prices can vary considerably from company to company.

Car hire gives you the freedom to tour the countryside. You won’t have to plan your activities or rely on the schedule for the train or bus service with your own vehicle.

Hiring a vehicle is not as expensive as you may think. In many cases, a weekly hire can cost just a little more than a rail pass for one person. If you are travelling with two or more people, hiring a vehicle will actually save you money compared to rail passes for each person in your group. This is true even when the cost of fuel is included.


Getting the Best Deal on a Car Hire in Spain:

Compare hire companies on the internet. The cost of the same car can vary widely according to the company you choose. You can pick up your car at the airport for the best convenience. Return it prior to your flight home. It’s often cheaper to pick up and return at the same location. Some companies charge high fees for returning at a different location.

Choose a smaller vehicle to save money. The rental rate on a smaller car is less than a larger, luxury model. In addition, you will save money on fuel. Compact cars are more fuel efficient than larger cars. To save even more on fuel, consider renting a diesel car. The price of fuel in Spain is on par with the rest of Europe, but you will want a vehicle that is as fuel efficient as possible, especially if you plan to travel a distance.

Other ways to save:

o Pick up and return your vehicle on weekend days.
o The longer the length of the rental, the more you will save on the daily rate.
o Return the vehicle with an empty tank, most companies charge for a full tank and there is no refund for any remaining fuel.
o Compare the cost of renting in town or at the airport; sometimes there is a difference
o Book early to get the best price


Things to Consider in a Car Hire in Spain

Consider the size of the car you need. The car you will need depends on the number of people in your group. A couple can do fine with a compact size car and save money. If you are travelling with your family, you may need a larger vehicle.

You will need to choose between an automatic or manual transmission. A manual transmission has a cheaper rental rate. They also get better fuel mileage. If you want to save money, go for the manual. If you can’t drive a manual or don’t like to, then you will need the automatic.

Does the car have air conditioning? This feature may cost extra money. If you are travelling in the summer, the additional cost will be well worth the money. The summers get very hot and you will appreciate the air.

When you reserve your car, you will be asked for payment by credit card. Get confirmation in writing when you pay the fee. Make sure to get a copy of your rental agreement in your language. Most large companies have multi lingual personnel that can do this for you.


Ask about the company’s cancellation policy. Some allow you to cancel without a penalty, as long as you cancel before the deadline. Some will make you pay a penalty if you don’t cancel at least twenty four hours in advance. This is generally the price of one day’s rental. Ask about the time required for cancellation without penalty when you reserve the car.

Learn The History Of Spain Before Visiting

spain6You will want to have knowledge of the history of Spain and Spanish culture if you plan on spending any significant amount of time in the country and, especially, if you will be living there. You will better understand the country’s current political and economic state, as well as the culture of its citizens. Further, understanding its history can help you enjoy traveling to Spain much more.

The Iberian Peninsula has been home to several different groups throughout different times in Spain’s history, including the Romans and Moors. Read the rest of this entry »

Spain Is A Great Tourist Destination

spain1Malaga is an ancient city that was founded by the Phoenicians and has been under the rule of many different groups of people over time.  Malaga, which is located in modern day Spain, was also ruled by the Romans and the Moors.  You can see the remnants of these influences all over the city and this can make for great sightseeing in Malaga.  Make the most of your trip to this part of Costa Del Sol by checking out all Malaga has to offer.

You can experience the beauty of Malaga beach, as well as the shimmering nightlife.  If you want a more historical or cultural tour of Malaga than you can find that too.  You can visit famous old churches and fortresses to get an idea of the grand history of this place. Read the rest of this entry »

Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes in Spain for Perfect Recreation

villa3The first point you will need to consider is where you want to spend your vacation in Spain? Are you someone who prefers to be in the heart of things, say living in a town, or are you someone who would prefer privacy and tranquility, therefore you may decide to rent a vacation home in the country you may even wish to rent a holiday house in the mountains, or villa by the lakes or on the Coast.

You next step should be what sort of property you would like to rent for your vacation? Do you want to rent an apartment, townhouse, villa or finca (country house with land). However, what you must remember is your budget (how much you are willing to spend on your dream vacation in Spain).

As third step, I would suggest that you go on to the internet and see what the various vacation rentals web sites and holiday home directories have to offer. There are so many interesting places in Spain where you can go. Chose some vacation properties and contact the owners of them. Ask for more pictures and information of the vacation home and maybe for some pictures and information about the district. Chose one of them and book it online. The most vacation rental owners accept credit card payments. Read the rest of this entry »

Do you know how to buy or Rent property in spain?


Spanish property for sale - finding YOURS

Spain is medium sized country with population thinly spread out throught the entire country. There is vast streches of hilly areas which over look the sea and have become a best location to build villas. These hills have their own water supply and hence it comes a feasible location for building a township or a villa as per the requirements of the customer. The speciality of these areas are that they are a short distance away from the main city. This adds special feature to the hilly locations. They have the peace of the hills and are easily accessible from the main city.  Other an the hills, most of he apartments have a own community swimming pool and independent villas of course have their own swimming pools.

Finding a Spanish property for sale that fits the family wishes and requirements can be a daunting task. Read the rest of this entry »

The Essentials To Traveling In Spain

spain4When traveling or moving to Spain, you will want to get some basic information on Spain. There are fifty provinces in the country. The countries largest metro areas are Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga , Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao. Take some time to learn about the region where you will be staying. Reading travel magazines, newspapers and information online will help you get to know the area and culture.

Here’s some information on Spain: Passports and Customs

All of the documentation you will need to display to enter the country depends on your situation. If you are from a non European Union country you will need to show a valid passport to enter Spain.  Even then, residents of some countries are required to show a visa.

If you’re a Resident of countries, which are members of the European Economic Community, you’ll need to show national identification documents. Read the rest of this entry »

Spain Is The Perfect Golf Retreat

golf1If you are a golf enthusiast than golf in Spain will be your perfect idea of a vacation.  Spain is full of golf resorts all over the country, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs and your families needs.  You can visit Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca so you can enjoy the great golf resorts, while your family enjoys the luxurious beaches and shopping.  There are new resorts constantly being built so you’ll have something new to choose from each year.

One of the best spots for golf in Spain is the Costa del Sol.  There have been many new developments of resorts and golf courses over the past few years.  Now there are over forty different courses that stretch up and down over fifty miles of coastline.  You’ll be sure to take in a beautiful view while you golf.

If you want a golf course that combines the best in golf with other sports or leisure activities than this is the spot for you.  Read the rest of this entry »

Cheap Car Hire In Spain

carhire1When thinking of hiring a car in Spain, it is of course crucial to have all the information on airports at hand if flying is your mode of transport when getting into the country.

Spain boasts over 30 international airports. Information on the major airports follows; information on any of the others can be obtained from AENA (Aeropuertos Espanoles y Navegación Aérea) Calle Arturo Soria 109, Madrid 28043 (tel: (90) 240 4704 (customer service line); website:, which is the organization responsible for running all of the Spanish airports.


Madrid (MAD) (Barajas) is 15km (9 miles) northeast of the city. A bus service departs to the city around every 10 to 30 minutes (0700-2400) and underground services run every four to seven minutes (0600-0130). Taxi service is available. Airport facilities include restaurants and bars, a bank, several car hire offices, hotel reservation and tourist information desks, and outgoing duty free shop. Read the rest of this entry »

Great Sights in Spain

spain9When traveling to Spain, be ready to gratify in a diversity of culture and traditions. With its many regions, each with its diverse authority and ways of doing things, travelers to Spain will be certain be treated to a plethora of picturesque sights, sounds and experiences.

Touted as one the world’s famous tourist destinations, Barcelona, travelers to Spain will find the openwork spires of the El Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia or the Church of the Holy Family. The personal obsession of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi y Cornet was reflected in the neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece reknowned for its undulating curves and flamboyant design just before he died in a trolley accident. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Beaches of the Costa Tropical, Andalucia, Spain

beach1Costa Tropical is a true beach paradise where the sun shines for more than 320 days in a year and the climate is sub-tropical. This beach destination in Andalucía attracts travelers from all over Spain and other countries across the world closer to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. There are many people who come down to get a glimpse of the shimmering blue waters while others seek silence and peace. Then there are the adventure lovers who come looking to enjoy different types of water sports from beach volleyball, to swimming in the deep waters, deep sea diving and of course riding the gentle waves. Read the rest of this entry »